About Us

Why us?

There are many websites in India currently, where you can find Legal informations and Updates . But these legal provisions, judgements, amendments may seem a bit difficult to understand for a normal citizen and even law student beginners.Our purpose is not only giving the needed information and updates but also help you get that in a very easy way. 

What are we offering?

Being in this field we totally understand the exact needs of a law student during his course. We offer you many courses , internships in a very low budget where you can learn , explore and improve your knowledge and skills alongside with your college studies.Quizzes are held regularly to help you judge yourselves. There are subjects from every sector of law so you need not to be worried even if you’re a Newbie!Love to write Articles? We are going to help you improve your writing skill and also publish them. And all of our charges is totally Student Friendly. 

Not A law Student?

The lack of knowledge of Law in public is a huge threat to the justice system. People often do not know how law can help them. What to do in certain situations! We believe No injustice or misguidance should be done in the name of Fear Of Law. 
“Law should not be seen in a scary way”  believing in this moto, we are ready to be at your service.  
We will be very happy if you take a moment and join us and also give us your valuable feedback. 

RegardsTeam Legal Divine

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